Sales Solutions

Odds and Stages

Baseball metrics, known as Sabermetrics, can be a powerful tool for sales teams. Like sales, the probability of achieving different stages is core to these strategies. In baseball, a player is 1000% more likely to get to the first stage then the final stage. 

Similarly, the stages of deals can be more precisely measured. Today, many sales teams rely on CRM probabilities, which are not recalculated based on actuals, but simplistically assigned to deals.

Sales Decision Trees

In contrast, OnCorps can apply machine learning algorithms to deals by rapidly converting historic CRM data to decision trees. 

Decision trees help us guide decision makers to the highest odds decisions. Each branch and leaf records the frequency of a decision made and the probability of an outcome being achieved.

Deal Advisor and Nudges

OnCorps lets sales execs see the health of their deal. Over time, the app can provide recommendations of actions needed to improve deal health. This is based on scenarios and factors that have worked with higher performing deals and individuals. Because the system is continuously updated, the advice can change as market factors change.