Deal Optimization and Pricing

Machine Learning

OnCorps deal pricing and optimization applies machine learning to help guide better pricing. Each decision tree predicts the odds of achieving an outcome. This can include maximizing margin, improving growth, or deepening account penetration. Every time a deal is priced, the system continuously updates probabilities and the most important features.

Comparing Factors

OnCorps automatically shows pricers benchmarks of their deal against other deals in their group. Because the pricer may be trying to balance different objectives, the app can show the relative difference of the deal against several objectives. OnCorps also builds personal profiles of the types of deals each pricer proposes.

Deal Advisor and Nudges

OnCorps allows pricers to compare scenarios to see how each affects the health of the deal. Over time, the app can provide recommendations of actions needed to improve deal health. This is based on scenarios and factors that have worked with higher performing deals and individuals. Because the system is continuously updated, the advice can change as market factors change.