Guided pricing

Pricing change requests trigger a host of questions not easily known by one person. It is critical to understand the context of each opportunity. Further, each team should understand their short- and long-term goal for the account when submitting quotes.

The analytics underlying the best pricing strategies can be daunting. OnCorps makes it easy to analyze the risks and gains of different pricing scenarios.

OnCorps offers two primary pricing offerings.

OnCorps helps break pricing goals down into actionable micro-outcomes. Influenced by baseball's Sabermetrics, we can help sales teams breakdown pricing goals into stages where each one can be counted and tracked according to their success and conversion rates.

New deals are setup by integrating all firm MSAs, regional and practice pricing lists, offerings, and skills in a single app

Sales people can build and compare team scenarios by setting hours, durations, and skills

Sales people can also add or view profiles of buyers and competitors to better inform their strategies

Machine learning algorithms apply the successes of others to recommend changes to deal strategies

Finally, the app sends an email with an approved quote letter assuming the scenario is above the target margin