Trusted by the world's leading asset managers

Reduce low value time and spend more time finding errors

AI guidance & adaptive workflow decreases analyst workload by up to 80 percent

Track service provider performance

Track fund administrator errors and reporting timeliness across a wide array of processes

Gain leadership visibility on daily performance

Leadership teams receive real-time issue analysis and full audit trails of any errors

Risk scoring with machine learning

The OnCorps platform centralizes dozens of fund administration reports and scores individual transactions based on their level of risk in real time. Unsupervised machine learning algorithms find patterns and outliers in data that analysts and Excel Macros can not. This allows, for instance, errors in the general ledger to be caught on they day they are made, before they accrue over time.

Personalized task prioritization

The system is built like the machine learning engines of powerful consumer apps like Spotify and Netflix. It learns and adapts to the profiles of each user. Each analyst sees a single, personalized work queue, prioritizing potential errors based on materiality and risk. The system intelligently routes work to individuals based on leadership settings.

Mean resolve times

The system tracks the mean resolve times of both analysts and service providers. It then uses this information to project workloads for the day. Algorithms also use the data to track behaviors of analysts and service providers.

Service provider tracking

The OnCorps system can track service provider performance on resolving issues. OnCorps employs the same strategic supplier metrics used in other industries to jointly improve customer/supplier process performance.