Fintech Solutions

Client Digital Experience

OnCorps delivers a unique platform providing clients with personalized decision analytic tools. The tools let clients set goals and tracks their decisions while calculating the odds of achieving their goals. It can also enable nudging to both the client and firm on decision patterns that stray from desired objectives.

Wealth Management

OnCorps provides wealth advisors a simple Fitbit style platform to track their prospecting and client engagement. The tool leverages artificial intelligence, tapping the behavioral patterns of other wealth advisors and clients, to deliver odds of success. The platform integrates with Salesforce and other systems to provide a more seamless user experience.

Operations Decisions

Despite heavy investment in automation, many financial services firms must assemble and train large teams to process exceptions. Often, these settlement or reconciliation decisions are conducted with simple check lists. OnCorps enables the tracking of decisions with deeper decision analytics. Our goal is to bring the innovation of machine learning to use cases where people must still make choices.