Board of Directors

Bob Suh


Bob is the founder and CEO of OnCorps. Bob was the chief technology strategist at Accenture and chief strategy officer for the technology division. He was named by Consulting Magazine to the Top 25 Consultants list. He was also a group president of Perot Systems, where he helped take the company public. He is an investor in M-Files, MariaDB and Veracode. Bob received his master's, concentration in political economy and statistics, from Harvard University, where he was class advisor and research assistant to the 2005 Nobel Laureate in economics. He received his bachelor's from the University of Southern California.

Jack Klinck

Board Member

Jack was an executive vice president and member of the management committee at State Street. Jack was also a vice chairman at BNY Mellon.

Jim Geary

Board Member

Jim was the executive chairman of M-Files. He was previously the CEO of Pedestal Software and was also a co-founder of RSA Security.