About OnCorps

Tracking Every Decision and Outcome.  OnCorps helps people make better decisions by giving them personalized decision making tools powered by machine learning and behavioral science algorithms. The system makes recommendations by learning from the successes of peers and the behaviors of each user. The system learns and adapts with each interaction: recording better data, providing feedback, measuring reactions, and adjusting recommendations.

Predictive and Rapid. OnCorps starts by applying machine learning to historical data to show leaders the upside of better decision making. Once goals are set, OnCorps rapidly configures customized apps in 1/10th the time and cost of custom development. Each app provides scorecards for every decision maker, supervisor, and leader and “nudging” mechanisms to deliver personalized recommendations to users based on the insights gained from the machine learning analysis. Because inconsistent behaviors are inevitable, the system tracks reactions real-time and allows leaders to make rapid adjustments to the apps. The firm’s analytic, configuration, and support services are fully integrated for the price of pilot and subscription fees.

World-Class Team of Problem Solvers.  The OnCorps team are computer and data scientists from the world’s top research universities and consultancies. OnCorps scientific advisory board members are leading behavioral economists from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford. OnCorps serves the largest global financial, consulting, and technology firms seeking an edge in analytics.