Business Model


Fixed Fee Customization. Changes in agile development, open sourcing, and cloud virtualization enable us to rapidly customize our platform. We develop customized decision guidance systems for a fixed fee. The fee includes developing algorithms and management dashboards, customizing UI/UX, API configuration, security testing, and user acceptance testing.


High-End Subscription Support. Once we deliver a production pilot, we offer ongoing support with the same team that configured the pilot. Our customers pay a platform fee and per app fee for this support. These subscription fees include support for data scientists, delivery managers, and engineers who monitor engagement rates and algorithms.


Conservative Algorithm Use. We almost always start systems using Policy Settings. These settings don't rely on algorithms, but instead enforce leadership-defined policies and thresholds. Once algorithms gain more consistency and accuracy, we can selectively use algorithms to trigger workflows and recommendations.

Current Economic Model

OnCorps Economic Model



Craftsmanship. Solving complex problems requires a significant investment in skills and an unrelenting focus on quality. While the availability of more data and newer technologies makes it easier to develop solutions, this in no way gives the advantage to those with the most data or newest technologies.


Symbiotic Learning Systems. Our systems learn from your best decision makers. They provide guidance and recommendations based on these decisions and continue learning as conditions change. We believe training AI algorithms takes years and requires patience and investment.


Empowering and Protecting Users. Our systems are designed to empower individuals to improve their performance. By default, administrators cannot see individual answers of users. Our systems have been accepted by work councils in several European countries.


Conservative Algorithm Use. We are aware of the distortions in datasets and the problems associated with early AI systems. We start with policy settings that don't rely on algorithms until sufficient data are collected.


Holistic Problem Solving. Improving decision making requires an inter-disciplinary team. We train team members who have multiple skills in data science, behavioral science, software engineering, and user-centered design.


Industry Expertise. The decisions and processes we support require deep knowledge in industry terminology, algorithms, and regulatory requirements. We therefore concentrate our efforts around specific industry solutions in asset management and technology.



100 Day Record. We have successfully brought several highly sophisticated decision guidance systems to full production pilots all within 100 days. One senior executive has told us, "OnCorps always delivers."


2019 Best Banking Infrastructure Software Award. Fintech Breakthroughs awarded OnCorps the 2019 Best Infrastructure Banking Software based on our AI Shadow Accounting solutions and algorithms for the asset management industry.


2019 NICSA NOVA Award. The National Investment Company Service Association awarded OnCorps with its NOVA innovation award in 2019 for developing an advanced AI fund operations platform.


Harvard Business Review. OnCorps AI and behavioral work has been published in two articles in the Harvard Business Review.


Praise From Top Behavioral Scientists. OnCorps has gained recognition from behavioral economists and scientists at Yale, Harvard, Wharton, Oxford and Chicago. We have been asked to present our work at both Yale and Oxford and are conducting co-research with a number of professors.


Praise From Clients. We have been privileged to work with exceptional executives. One asset management veteran told us, "OnCorps is the single best vendor experience I have had in my career." Another executive told us, " working with OnCorps has been the highlight of my career."

Investors and Board


Andreessen Horowitz seed funding

Founder and chairman Arrowstreet Capital

Former international chairman Accenture

Former CIO Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments

Former EVP and CIO Merck

Chairman of Acadian Asset Management

Director Emeritus McKinsey

Former COO Sallie Mae

SVP Dell Technologies

Former COO Bridgewater

Former Group CTO Accenture

board members and individual investors

Jack Klinck
Jack is a former EVP and executive committee member of State Street. Prior to State Street, Jack was a vice chairman of BNY Mellon. He is an active venture capitalist and advisor to Fintech companies globally.

Joe Dello Russo
For nearly a decade, Joe was the EVP and CFO of MFS Investment Management, with over $448 billion in assets under management. He also serves as president of the BNY Charitable Gift Fund.

Bob Suh
Bob is the founder and chairman of the board of OnCorps. He has invested in over a dozen enterprise software companies, including MariaDB, M-Files, and Veracode. Prior to OnCorps, Bob was the chief strategy officer for the technology division of Accenture, which comprised half the firm's global business.